At 4 Rent Vehicle Hire we’ve been in the vehicle hire industry for over 20 years. During this time we’ve been asked a lot of vehicle and van hire questions and van rental questions. To make things easy for you, we’ve collated some of the most common van hire questions that we’re asked and provide you the answers to them below. If you find that your van rental questions are not answered below however, please get in touch with us today, we’re always happy to answer any further questions you may have.

New driving licence changes2020-07-01T13:29:39+01:00

As from 8th June 2015 the counterpart driving licence (paper part) was abolished. Therefore, customers will need to go online before coming to collect vehicles, in order to access your licence details. This can be done by visiting the Driver and Vehicle Licencing section on the UK Government website where you will need to enter your driving licence number, NI number and post code . Please email the licence summary page to us prior to collecting the rental vehicle. This can only be done less than 21 days prior to the rental otherwise it will be out of date.

Accident history2017-12-13T10:12:38+00:00

Our insurers require each driver to disclose all accidents which have occurred in the previous 3 years, irrespective of circumstance or fault. A false declaration can lead to serious consequences.

The following are guidelines laid down by our insures:
1. If you have had up to 1 fault accident in last 3 years this is acceptable.
2. If you have had 2 fault accidents in last 3 years we will need to refer this to our insurers.
3. If you have had 3 or more accidents in last 3 years we are unable to hire to you.

Please note – insurers consider any accident or claim where payments could not be recovered from a third party to be a fault accident.


Some of our vehicles use AdBlue, we will inform you of this when you collect the vehicle and can also show you how to refill this if you require.

AdBlue is a harmless substance which is a helps to reduce emissions from diesel engines. It is a high purity urea solution that is in a dedicated tank on the vehicle that should just be refilled as and when required. AdBlue can be purchased from most fuel stations in the UK and Europe or from motor part shops, main dealers and also Halfords.

The vehicle will be topped up prior to hire, but it is the hirer’s/driver’s responsibility to check AdBlue levels and to top up when required while on hire. If the Ad Blue tank runs out this means the vehicle won’t run. You will be fully liable for any recovery costs and repairs to the vehicle which will be extremely costly.

Additional drivers2017-12-13T10:15:20+00:00

The cost for additional drivers is £10.00 per day.

Additional driver(s) must complete an additional driver insurance proposal form. We also need to see their driving licence and licencing summary check sheet. They will also be required to provide a second form of ID.

Please see the Collecting Your Hire Vehicle section below for more information.

Age limits and driving experience2021-07-02T13:58:32+01:00

Our insurer’s standard terms are for drivers between the ages of 25 and 70.

Breakdown cover2017-12-13T10:16:35+00:00

In the unlikely event of a breakdown simply call the office where you collected the vehicle from. If this is outside our normal hours it will divert to the 4 Rent Vehicle Hire on-call representative and they will be able to assist you with the issue.

Driver induced faults are not covered and are therefore chargeable. These include, but are not limited to:
• Filling the vehicle with the incorrect fuel or running out of fuel
• Flat tyres, punctures or blowouts and subsequent tyre repairs or wheel change
• Lockout
• Lost/broken key
• RTA recovery (unless fault of 3rd party)

We will make every effort to get you back on the road as soon as possible. A replacement vehicle will be provided if available/necessary.

Collecting your hire vehicle2020-05-13T12:01:46+01:00

When collecting your hire vehicle please ensure you bring:

  1. Your Driving Licence
  2. A passport if you have one
  3. A debit or credit card to pay for the hire
Congestion zone2017-12-13T10:22:02+00:00

If you intend to drive in central London between 7am and 6pm Monday to Friday (excl. bank Holidays) you are required to pay a daily fee known as the London Congestion Charge. You should pay the fee on the day you enter the Congestion Charging Zone, should you not , you do have until midnight the next working day to pay it (however it is a slightly higher charge than if you had paid it on the day). You will know if you are entering the zone by the signs saying Congestion Charging Zone and a large white ‘C’ painted on the road.

Payment can be made either via www.tfl.gov.uk or by phone on 0333 200 1000.

Make sure that you give the correct vehicle registration number and please keep a copy of your receipt of payment in case of any possible queries.

Failure to pay will result in a fine of up to £120.00 per day, plus we will charge you a £25.00 +VAT administrative fee for each offence.

You can obtain details of all the areas covered by the congestion zone by visiting the Transport for London Website

Driving licence2020-07-01T13:35:29+01:00

Each driver must produce their valid driving licence on collection of the vehicle. Details of any endorsements/penalty points for those who hold a UK driving licence are now kept online by the DVLA and not on the driving licence or paper counterpart.

Each driver will need to visit www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence before arrival and create a driving licence summary sheet. This can only be done a maximum of 21 days prior to the rental as the licence summary sheet is only valid for 21 days, otherwise it will be out of date and another licence summary sheet will need to be obtained.

It is then required that you email the following to info@4rentvans.co.uk prior to you collection of the vehicle:
1. Licence summary sheet.
2. Photo card or Paper driving licence.

3.A second form of ID dated in the last 3 months with an address that matches your driving licence i.e.: utility bill, house insurance, council tax bill

This will assist us in reviewing any possible licence or endorsement issues, raise the rental agreement and reduce the time you will have to wait at the office when collecting the vehicle.

Drivers aged 25 to 70 must have held a full licence for a minimum of 1 year.

For minibuses and trucks, hirers must have passed their test prior to January 1997 or hold the relevant categories on their licence as follows:
• Category C1 for our 7.5 Ton vehicles
• Category D1 for our Minibus


Please check all endorsements with the office at the time of booking as some endorsements are not acceptable.

Below is a brief outline of some of our insurers criteria:
• Endorsements commencing UT – Unable to hire
• Any licence with two or more periods of disqualification – Unable to hire
• Endorsements commencing :
AC10/AC20/ALL BA/ALL DD/ALL DR/CD40/CD50/CD60/CD70/CD80/CD90/MS90 – Acceptable only after 5 years from date of conviction
Any conviction resulting in a disqualification of more than six months – Acceptable only after 5 years from date of conviction
Endorsements CD10/IN10/LC20/CD20/CD30 – Acceptable only after 3 years from date of conviction
Any conviction resulting in a period of disqualification of six months or less – Acceptable only after 3 years from date of conviction
Any number of endorsements with no period of disqualification totaling up to 6 points in last three years – Acceptable

European hire2017-12-13T10:24:58+00:00

Please email the dates you would like to hire the vehicle, the type of vehicle you require, the destination or destinations of your journey and a contact number to info@4rentvans.co.uk and we will happily give you a quote.

Most of our vehicles have the vehicle specific CRIT’Air Clean Air Sticker displayed which complies with the new law France has recently introduced.

For eligible vehicles, the Air Quality Certificate is mandatory for:
• Driving and parking in restricted traffic zones (French low emission zones) designated by the authorities, such as inside the Paris ring road.
• Driving in case of access regulation if an emergency scheme has been implemented by prefects during pollution episodes. This may be the case in the Grenoble Metropolitan Area, in Lyon-Villeurbanne and in the Greater Paris Region inside the motorway A86 if you drive through or park in Paris, Lyon or Grenoble.

For further information please visit the Air Quality Certificate Service website.

Fixed penalties and fines2020-05-13T12:10:04+01:00

If you have failed to pay either the London Congestion Charge or Ultra Low Emission Zone Charge as required, have been ticketed for being illegally parked or are caught exceeding the required speed limit whilst driving one or our vehicles we will forward your details to the relevant enforcing authority.

An administrative fee of £25.00 + VAT will be charged for each and every offence.

Fuel policy2021-11-02T09:23:32+00:00

The vehicle must be returned with the same amount of fuel it had upon collection. For example, if the vehicle was collected with a quarter of a tank then it must be returned with a quarter of a tank. Failure to do this will incur a refueling charge of £2.50 per litre.

You should note also that you are fully responsible for all refueling charges throughout the period of hire of the vehicle.

We will not reimburse you for any excess fuel left in the vehicle.


Included in the hire charge is fully comprehensive insurance. This covers only the vehicle and not anything being carried within the vehicle.

There is an insurance excess on the policy payable if you damage our vehicle or anyone else’s property or the vehicle is stolen or any third party claim is made against 4 Rent Vehicle Hire Ltd.

The excess is £2,000 and applies to any and or all damage which can be reduced to £ 300.00 for £ 24.00 per day.

When you sign the rental agreement, you agree for us to take this excess, payable if you damage our vehicle or anyone else’s vehicle/property, if the vehicle is stolen or if any third party claim is made against 4 Rent Vehicle Hire Ltd . Depending on the points currently on your licence, our Insurers will reserve the right to increase the sum of the excess.

Some items are not covered by the insurance or the insurance excess and will be charged on a case by case basis :
1. Any damage above windscreen height
2. Any costs incurred for any call out to replace road wheels including but not limited to punctures, flat tyres or blowouts
3. Damage to any glass including the windscreen
4. Any damage and any subsequent repairs deemed necessary as a result of any deliberate, negligent or abnormal acts
5. Lost or broken keys

If the hirer does not comply with the full terms and conditions associated with the hire of the vehicle this may make the insurance invalid and as such make the hire fully liable for any costs incurred.

A copy of 4 Rent Vehicle Hire Ltd.’s Full Terms and Conditions are available at our offices or by clicking here.

Late returns2019-07-27T16:27:41+01:00

A late return fee of £ 25.00 + vat will be charged for all late returns up to 1 hour.

For late returns exceeding 1 hour a full day’s hire rate will be charged.

Returning vehicles outside office hours2021-02-04T18:21:57+00:00

Vehicles can be returned 24 hours a day at our Basingstoke office.

Customer parking2021-02-04T18:21:26+00:00

There is no onsite parking at our Basingstoke office.

Call our Basingstoke office
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